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SniffCore.Windows Namespace

Brings additional behavior and features to a WPF window and its visual tree.
Public classCode exampleAssemblyReader
Reads information about the executable.
Public classCode exampleBindingAdapter
Brings the possibility to modify existing bindings wo be able to bind the parameters in the Binding like Converter, ConverterParameter and so on.
Public classCode exampleBindingExtension
Brings the possibility to modify existing bindings. See BindingAdapter.
Public classBindingExtensionCollection
Represents a collection of BindingExtension.
Public classCode exampleControlFocus
This object gives you the quick and easy possibility to move the current focus to a specific element.
Public classIconReader
Provides a way to read file, extension and folder icons with and without caching.
Public classNotifyEventArgs
Holds the data passed when a specific WinAPI message has appear. This is used in the WindowObserver.
Public classCode exampleVisualTreeAssist
Brings many possibilities to find elements in the visual tree. See VisualTreeHelper.
Public classCode exampleWindowObserver
Brings possibilities to easy listen for WinAPI events.
Public structureWindowMessages
Contains a lot of available WinAPI messages. See or or