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IBrowseFolderData Interface

Provides the data to be used for the folder browser dialog.

Namespace:  SniffCore.Navigation.Dialogs
Assembly:  SniffCore.Navigation (in SniffCore.Navigation.dll) Version: 1.6.0
public interface IBrowseFolderData

The IBrowseFolderData type exposes the following members.

Public propertyData
Gets or sets additional dialog data to be use for customization.
Public propertyDescription
Gets or sets a description to show above the folders. Here you can provide instructions for selecting a folder.
Public propertyRootFolder
Gets/sets the root node of the directory tree.
Public propertySelectedPath
Gets the directory path of the folder the user picked. Sets the directory path of the initial folder shown in the dialog box.
Public propertyShowNewFolderButton
Determines if the 'New Folder' button should be exposed. This property has no effect if the Vista style dialog is used; in that case, the New Folder button is always shown.
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